Dear Thai-ary



Habana Vieja and Centro Habana: Narrow alley-like streets. It feels like curtains are drawn as you walk because the buildings are so tall and tightly arranged; it's difficult to see the sky. Homes missing doors, buildings half blown up, cracked sidewalks, crayola box coloured buildings, bright "Abierto" signs glowing, Cubans hustling tourists to eat in their restaurants, jambon sandwiches sitting on windowsills, kids playing streetball - ricocheting balls off walls. Everything is broken, falling…

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2017 Freaking ROCKED! 

Dear Thai-ary,

I'm having a beer on Roncesvalles - - - - in a bar I love coming to because I'm totally anonymous (except to the bartender - who usually throws in a free shot haha) and I'm reflecting on how kickass the last year was. In October of 2016, I moved to Toronto and 14 months later I never would have imagined all the great relationships I have now and cool stuff I've got to do!

2017 was INSANE!!


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Massey Hall 

One month ago today, I was sound checking at..... Massey Hall!! The day I had been manifesting for years! A crazy feat. How many people in the world get to say they've attended a show there? How many people in the world get to say they've PERFORMED there? How many musicians, in their 20s, get to stand front and center on Massey's world class stage? 

So naturally, you'd predict that I'd wake up with butterflies and confidence from years of preparation. But nope. It was the exact opposite. I woke up with…

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Memphis, Oh Yeah!! 

Hey all! 
I'm safely, and without drama, having an egg bun past security and customs at The Toronto airport. Why? Because I'm on my way to Memphis!!!! And I'm hyper as all hell because I'm so stoked to get there.

International Blues Challenge folks, The International Blues Challenge! I will be --- for the second time!! --- representing Northern Alberta as a competitor in the world's largest blues competition. Yes... the idea of pairing music and competition is a strange one, but from what I realized going the…Read more

Lookin' Back on 2016 

Dear readers,
Happy New Year! I know we have come down from the Christmas cheer and are facing winter straight in its big white face, so I really am hoping all of you engaged in this blog are having a good start to 2017.  I’m currently sitting at a new coffee shop (well, new to me that is) in Toronto. They are out of coffee (what?), vegetarian ‘meat’ pies, internet, and the speakers are screaming punk music. It might be my first and last time here.. 

I thought I would write a note of gratitude to all of you…

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So - I made it. I've officially been a resident of Toronto for 5 weeks. Andrew and I landed a main floor spot in the Polish neighbourhood of Roncesvalles, which, I've been told, is pretty lucky for two Westerners to steal on their first lease signing in the big city.

A bit about my experience so far:
We have four jobless Irish guys that live above us, and, they seem to perpetuate the stereotype of 'Irish partying', especially without having the obligation to get up and hit the office in the morning. Just the…Read more

Edmonton <3 

Dear readers of all kind,
I have big news. I'm stretching my wings and moving 3,500 km east to Toronto. I've been waffling over the decision for several years now, but I've decided to take the leap across the Lake Superior pond.

I'm carrying a mixed bag of emotions. Edmonton is and has been the most amazing home to me. I'm going to miss having the river valley in my backyard, and afternoon shows on Whyte Ave, and all the festivals in the summer, and The Millcreek Cafe, and Blues on Whyte, and The Empress, and…Read more

26.2 'Mile'stones 

It's on.
In an approximately 42 and a half hours from this entry, I anticipate a total body collapse.. a dramatic free fall to the hard ground in the schoolyard of one of Red Deer's elementary playgrounds. Indeed, it's true...

I'm running a fucking marathon.

The idea was planted in my head back in January. A romantic proposal. "Hey, you run a lot. Why not actually run with a goal?". My ambitious nature flared up at the thought of the challenge. I quickly bashed aside the idea of a half marathon, and decided to…Read more

Happy Love Day! 

Dearest friends, fans, and all fellow readers:

The hour is just shy of 7pm on Valentine's Day and I'm sitting, happily, in my new loft that hangs over the Strathcona district of Edmonton. I'm still a-buzzin' from the fun of the Maple Blues Awards Ceremony, my last tour out east, and the excitement of carving out a new space to write/live in this quaint old home. I did not receive the trophy for "Best New Artist" of the year... but the nomination WAS the win. Also.... I gained a new respect for MC's and folks…Read more

Reflecting on 2015 

So.... we made it!.... The universe gave birth to 2016.
I've been doing some reflection upon the last year and I feel it's pretty safe to say it's been my craziest year to date.

January: It started with re-cooperating from the jet-lag and the emotional roller-coaster of events experienced in Thailand (meeting the doctor that delivered me, getting massive food poisoning due to sliding down a waterfall and swallowing water, meeting Thai people that live in Bangkok slums, rock climbing in the south, motorbiking…Read more
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