Happy Love Day!

Dearest friends, fans, and all fellow readers:

The hour is just shy of 7pm on Valentine's Day and I'm sitting, happily, in my new loft that hangs over the Strathcona district of Edmonton. I'm still a-buzzin' from the fun of the Maple Blues Awards Ceremony, my last tour out east, and the excitement of carving out a new space to write/live in this quaint old home. I did not receive the trophy for "Best New Artist" of the year... but the nomination WAS the win. Also.... I gained a new respect for MC's and folks that regularly present awards. I was ready to embrace the terrifying mixture of tears and crapped-in pants before I walked across the stage to present "Keyboardist of the Year". Big shout out to friend Melanie Brulée for taking my shakes and transforming them into deep breaths. Geeze, I didn't know it would be so scary. But, it was a beautiful moment when I read "David Vest"'s name on the winner's card!... David has become a mentor of mine, and he had me in a different set of tears post award giving... he expressed how touched he was that a younger-aspiring keyboard player got to give him the award.. the passage of time - he totally moved me.

Highlight of last tour was my show at The Dakota Tavern. My dear friend and huge supporter, Richard Flohil, stood behind it and helped to really promote it. My two great friends - Jay Aymar and Andrea Ramolo - special guested their emotional songs. And, I had the most KICK ASS players/friends (Justin Ruppel, Bryn Besse, and Jared Craig) backing me up. The room was pretty much standing room only... I'm still overwhelmed by the support and love Toronto has given me... wowza. I feel like one pretty darn lucky girl.

And, if you haven't seen these two vids I did with The Northern Sessions, feel free to check them out here:
Who's That Girl?
Dreamers and Lovers

I'm looking forward to the spring. The daylight is already noticeably longer, Bonnie Raitt is releasing a new album! :D, and I have shows coming up that I'm pumped about. 

Wishing you all extra shovels of love today. 
Keep warm!
xo JT

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